New Beginnings

I'm just a few days away from starting a new job as a customer success engineer for a company with a osquery product. I'm really looking forward to this career change. I've been in Network and Cloud engineering for 6+ years now.

I started my IT career on a customer facing support team and I’ll say that I’ve honestly missed the customer interaction and the feeling of success you get when you solve a hard problem for them. Not to mention I've been wanting to pursue my passion for information security. I'm hoping this will be a great way to get more aligned with that type of work. Osquery is an incredibly powerful tool for digital forensics and incident response. Which is a huge passion area of mine. I absolutely love to dive into an investigation and comb through the data to figure out the solution to a problem.

I’m really looking for to this shift and I’m sure it will lead to more blog topics down the road.

Until then!

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