Hello, my name is Ben Montour!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!
I've been meaning to do this for years now. To create a space for me to post about topics I find interesting, that maybe others would find interesting as well.
I've never been a huge writer, so this will be a journey of learning for me as well. I've recently been trying to write more in an offline journal, but that's for personal life goals and tracking of things I want to do. This blog will be more focused on what I'd call professional topics that I find interesting.
I'm honestly not 100% sure what all I'm going to write about yet. Possibly some lessons learned or cool ways tips/tricks I discover.

I'm just over a week away from starting a new job helping as a customer success engineer for a company with a osquery product. I'm really looking forward to this career change. I've been in Network and now Cloud engineering for 8 years now. I honestly miss the customer interaction and the feeling of success you get when you solve a hard problem for them. Not to mention I've been wanting to pursue my passion for information security much more in my career. I'm hoping this will be a great way to get more aligned with that type of work. Osquery is an incredibly powerful tool for digital forensics and incident response. Which is a huge passion area of mine. I absolutely love to dive into an investigation and comb through the data to figure out the solution to a problem.

Enjoy my blog! Let me know your thoughts via Twitter @benmontour

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